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As charities accelerate digital change boards have an important role to play.

From making the right decisions about technology and planning for a more digital future, trustees have to get to grips with digital as never before.

Surprisingly, whilst digital is now a governance issue, there is little out there to support boards. Hence why we’ve developed the resources below. They’re designed to help trustees make informed decisions about digital, assess risk and to plan strategically for the opportunities that digital brings.


COVID-19 digital checklist for trustees and leaders

This resource from The Charity Digital Code of Practice and The Catalyst will help your board make the right decisions about digital, and assess progress during the crisis.

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Leadership resources in The Charity Digital Code of Practice

Find out what good digital governance looks like for charity senior management teams and boards.

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Do I need a Digital Trustee?

Our guide created with Reach Volunteering, SCVO and CAST will help you recruit a trustee, shape the role to suit your charity’s needs and create accountability for the right candidate.

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What COVID-19’s digital revolution means for charity governance

Digital change is disrupting boards, for the better. Find out more.

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Making digital work

Back in 2016 we worked with the Charity Commission and Grant Thornton to create a resource to help trustees ask the right questions about digital. It’s a good starting point for boards who are new to digital.

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Blog posts about digital governanceZoe Amar

Topical insights and reflections from the Zoe Amar Digital team

What it’s like to be a woman working in AI

Working in digital and AI is an exciting place to be. There are new tech developments happening at an incredible pace, opening up new ways for the charity and social good sector to increase impact. We know this is the start of much more innovation and change that is...

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Why do charity leaders need to know about AI?

The charity sector is under pressure due to the cost of living, with high profile charity closures in the news. Plus, it is facing ongoing scrutiny from government about campaigning. Fundraising is tough and organisations are worried about survival. So why do charity...

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What trustees need to know about AI

We talk to Dr Rachel Dugdale of Complexical, a small technology firm founded in 2022 that provides bespoke, ethical consultancy on technical topics such as artificial intelligence (AI) and data strategy, with a commitment to environmental sustainability, social equity...

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