Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Artificial intelligence has become a huge buzzword. Is it all hype, or could it really change everything? 

 78% of charities agree that AI is relevant to their charity and could transform it, yet 73% say they don’t feel prepared to respond to the opportunities and challenges it brings. We know that many charities are struggling with a lack of time and skills to use these technologies, but you don’t need to be a big corporate to benefit from them. 

Our team is already advising charities about why, and how, to use AI, tapping into the potential of the opportunities it brings to create efficiencies and better achieve your vision and mission. We’ve created resources to help you understand the possibilities, and what your next steps should be.

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Where is the sector at with AI?

Our Charity Digital Skills report maps digital adoption, skills and attitudes across the sector, including charities’ progress with emerging technologies. Find out more about how the sector is using artificial intelligence, and the risks and opportunities other organisations are dealing with in our report.

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'Starts At The Top' podcast

Our leadership podcast, hosted by Zoe Amar and Paul Thomas, includes discussions with leaders from all sectors about how they are using emerging technologies. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical advice.

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How to make ChatGPT part of your digital strategy

Generative AI has taken artificial intelligence to the next level. How might you incorporate these tools into your digital strategy? In his blog our consultant Nick Scott explains how to best use ChatGPT and how to take a strategic approach so that your team can get the most from it.

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Which skills does your charity need for emerging technologies?

How might AI change the future of our sector? What do leaders need to do about this? In her piece for Digital Leaders our Zoe Amar finds out what actions leaders are taking and which skills they are encouraging their teams to develop.

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Blog posts about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)Zoe Amar

Topical insights and reflections from the Zoe Amar Digital team

How to make ChatGPT part of your charity’s digital strategy

Imagine having a versatile and adaptable AI ‘actor’ at your disposal, ready to take on a multitude of roles to support you in your work. This is exactly what ChatGPT promises to be. In this blog post, Nick Scott explains what it is, how it works, how you might use it,...

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Tackling diversity in tech with data

We were delighted to interview Erin Young, Turing Research Fellow on the Women in Data Science and AI project, within the Public Policy programme at The Alan Turing Institute, about their new Diversity Dashboard.  1.Why is diversity such an important issue for AI and...

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