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We use cookies on this website to provide you with a better user experience. We do this by placing small text files on your device which can undertake a range of tasks. Examples of these tasks might include: tracking how you use this website; recording whether you have seen particular messages that we display; keeping you logged into the website where applicable; displaying relevant adverts or content, referred to you by a third party website.

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Summary of cookies on 

Purpose Count
Strictly Necessary 3
Performance 3
Targeting/Advertising 27

Type Count
First Party (Session) 2
First Party (Persistent) 4
Third Party (Session) 3
Third Party (Persistent) 24
Third Party Host Count 6

Overview of cookies as defined by purpose


Strictly Necessary cookies:

As the name implies, Strictly Necessary cookies are vital to the function and navigation of a website. They are critical in a wide range of scenarios such as improving site performance, remembering that a user is logged on as they move through a site, or retaining details of a shopping basket’s contents. These cookies do not collect or store information about users or their behaviour and are generally set by the first party domain, meaning the site owner has full control of them.

List of Strictly Necessary cookies set by the First Party domain:

Host Cookie name Description Lifespan __cfduid

Sites using the CloudFlare service to improve performance will contain the ‘__cfduid’ cookie. Cloudflare says it is used to "identify individual clients behind a shared IP address and apply security settings on a per-client basis", allowing Cloudflare to identify that client and not challenge them again. This cookie does not store personally identifiable information.

Cloudflare's description of the cfduid cookie

One year

DYNSRV is a Session cookie used by the Server to help manage incoming traffic to the Website, enabling it to maintain performance.


Performance cookies:

Performance cookies are part of services such as Google Analytics that help to collect data measuring visitor use of the host website. This information is analysed by the website owner to understand how to improve the site. These cookies don’t contain personal information such as names or email addresses; in most cases, they are deployed via the first party domain of the host website which they are measuring, meaning the owner has full control of them.

List of Performance cookies set by the First Party domain:

Host Cookie name Description Lifespan _gid

One of a number of cookies deployed by Google Analytics. According to Google, ‘_gid’ is “used to distinguish unique users” from one another. Its default expiry time is 24 hours.

Google's overview of its Performance cookies

One day _gat

Part of Google Analytics. According to Google, this cookie is used to “throttle request rate”, meaning it controls the rate data is passed back to Google on busy websites. Its default expiry time is one minute.

One minute _ga

Part of Google Analytics. Alongside ‘_gid’, this cookie is used to distinguish users, however its default expiry time is much longer at two years, but this value can be changed by the website owner.

One year

Targeting/Advertising cookies:

Targeting cookies are used to help place adverts and measure their effectiveness based on a user’s interests and previous browsing history. They can remember when a user visits a website and are able to share information with other organisations including other advertisers. Targeting cookies can be placed by third party advertising networks with a website owner’s permission, but frequently their placement will be linked to site functionality provided by that third party.

List of Targeting/Advertising cookies set by a Third Party domain:

Domain About this domain Cookies on this domain Lifespan

This domain is owned by Google. Doubleclick itself is a now defunct brand that was used to provide Internet advertising serving services. In June 2018, Google announced plans to rebrand its advertising platforms. DoubleClick has since been merged into the new Google Marketing Platform brand.

Given the nature of the host domain's business, it should be assumed that cookies on this domain are used for targeting and tracking purposes.

id: Appears to be deployed when YouTube videos are embedded on a webpage.
One year

This domain is owned by Google. Being a third-party domain, its cookies should be assumed to be used for tracking and targeting purposes.

Google is known to track users via its own products and through technology embedded into millions of websites. When this happens, the collected data is mostly used to profile users, to sell advertising based on these profiles and to place ads in situ with content relevant to its users.

Cookies related to this domain appear to be set on pages containing embedded YouTube videos.

APISID, SAPISID: DoubleClick cookies that can uniquely identify a user’s browser and device and are generally used to build a profile of user interests so relevant ads can be displayed elsewhere.

HSID: Set by DoubleClick to build a profile of a user’s interests and to show relevant ads elsewhere on the Web.

PREF: Common Google cookie. Stores user preferences and can be used to personalise ads on Google search results.

Also present, but purpose on this domain is currently unknown: SSID, SID

One year

These domains are owned by Twitter. Their cookies should be assumed to be used for tracking and targeting purposes; while Twitter doesn’t disclose information on the function of specific cookies, the company is known to collect data primarily for these purposes when acting as a third-party host.

Cookies related to this domain seem to appear on pages containing embedded Tweets, Twitter feeds or Social Sharing Buttons.

auth_token, twll, secure_session, guest_id, __utma, remember_checked, remember_checked_on, lang

(‘lang’ is hosted by the cdn and syndication domains; all other cookies are hosted by

Ranges between one and five years YouTube is a Google owned video-sharing platform. When used as a third-party host, the domain will likely be collecting data for tracking and targeting purposes; it is known to collect user data through videos embedded in websites. Indeed, the cookies listed on this domain have been set via YouTube videos embedded on the Website.

SID + HSID: Used by Google to verify a Google user account and most recent login time.

demographics: Most likely used for demographic profiling and targeting for advertising.

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE: Used as a unique identifier to track viewing of videos.

PREF: Common Google cookie used across several of their services. Stores user preferences and can be used to personalise ads on Google search results.

Also present, but purpose on this domain is currently unclear: APISID, GPS, SSID, LOGIN_INFO, YSC, SAPISID.

Ranges between a few minutes and five years.

Last updated: August 2018.