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Whether digital is a key part of your charity’s organisational strategy, or a stand alone digital strategy, working out how you can use digital to achieve your charity’s goals, and what you’re going to do to achieve them is key.

A good digital strategy, whichever form it takes, will help your charity prioritise, becoming more resilient, generating income, and developing skills

Digital strategy is one of our core services and through working with hundreds of charity and public sector organisations we’ve developed these resources to help you.

 Zoe Amar discussing digital strategy at a third sector event
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Best practice digital strategy

What does a successful strategy look like? Find out in this great resource from The Charity Digital Code of Practice.

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Benchmark your charity's digital performance

Take a look at the latest Charity Digital Skills Report, our annual barometer of the state of play with digital across the sector, to see how your charity compares.

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7 ways to get buy in for your digital strategy

Top tips to get support from your leadership team.

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How to make inclusion part of your digital strategy

Find out why inclusion is so important for the charity sector and how experts are promoting inclusion as part of their digital strategies.

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Blog posts about digital strategyZoe Amar

Topical insights and reflections from the Zoe Amar Digital team

How to make your digital procurement processes inclusive

As part of your equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) plans you might be looking at recruitment, staff retention and how you can help your charity’s work reach more minority groups. Yet, as we all know, unconscious bias can show up in all kinds of situations. And that’s where procurement processes can get overlooked. We consider how procurement processes can be made more inclusive.

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How to make ChatGPT part of your charity’s digital strategy

Imagine having a versatile and adaptable AI ‘actor’ at your disposal, ready to take on a multitude of roles to support you in your work. This is exactly what ChatGPT promises to be. In this blog post, Nick Scott explains what it is, how it works, how you might use it,...

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Web sustainability: 10 ways to achieve your digital goals and help save the planet

This guest blog is written by Jasmine Nehme, who heads up her own digital consultancy, Middle of Nowhere. Jasmine specialises in using a holistic and integrated approach to help charities, agencies and businesses achieve strategic goals in a sustainable way. She also works as part of the Zoe Amar Digital team, as well as on the Zoe Amar Digital website and the Charity Digital Skills Report website.

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