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Digital leadership means having a vision of where your charity is going and how digital can achieve it.

With digital now a key part of how charities fundraise, deliver services and work, it’s an essential skill for charity leaders, from managers to trustees. All leaders are now digital leaders by default. 

Digital leaders don’t need to be Silicon Valley gurus or have huge budgets. They just need a clear focus on how digital can help their charity meet its goals and give donors and supporters a better experience. 

Our digital leadership resources below will help you develop these skills, whatever stage you are at.

Zoe Amar at award ceremony with digital leaders
Image credit: Adeela Warley, Charity Comms

Third Sector Digital Leaders Programme

Our popular digital leadership programme for charity and social enterprise leaders. Find out programme details, what alumni say and how to apply. 

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'Starts At The Top' podcast

Hosted by Zoe Amar and Paul Thomas, this new podcast looks at leadership, digital and change. How are leaders using digital to navigate uncertainty and forge a path to the future?

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Leadership resources in The Charity Digital Code of Practice

Find out what strong digital leadership looks like for charity senior management teams and boards.

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Blog posts about digital leadershipZoe Amar

Topical insights and reflections from the Zoe Amar Digital team

What it’s like to be a woman working in AI

Working in digital and AI is an exciting place to be. There are new tech developments happening at an incredible pace, opening up new ways for the charity and social good sector to increase impact. We know this is the start of much more innovation and change that is...

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Are charities underselling themselves as employers? 

Good digital talent has always been challenging to recruit for irrespective of the sector. Yet with the demands currently being placed on charities attracting the right talent is more important than ever.  What is just as important is securing the right candidate who...

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