Manifesto for how we work together

Our manifesto is based on the feedback we get from clients and defines how we work with them and our team. The 3 values that define how we will work with you are:


This means that we:

  • Work with charities like yours who are prepared to challenge the status quo, because out of that come great ideas
  • Are always learning about the challenges facing charities, and suggesting ways to solve them
  • Offer a space to experiment and share insights with your charity, based on our work on The Charity Digital Skills Report, The Charity Digital Code of Practice and other sector initiatives


This means that we:

  • Ask questions, especially the ones that others are scared to ask. We seek out different perspectives and are committed to inclusion
  • Will define and solve problems together with you
  • Listen to clients more than we talk. We take the time to understand and empathise with you so that we earn your trust and respect


This means that we:

  • Are adaptable and flexible, helping you and your team master continuous change
  • Collaborate closely with you by working with, not for, you and your team, and with each other
  • Talk to you and our team regularly, openly, honest and candidly