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We have been helping charities and nonprofits to lead digital change successfully since 2013. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that digital can help organisations to build reach, income, influence and resilience. But how do you actually do this, and especially in these challenging times?


We’ve used our experience and insights to put together the following resources to help you and your organisation to think about digital change. Whether you’re looking to build up your own digital leadership skills, develop a robust digital strategy, plan for AI, look at new fundraising options, or something else, you should find a resource to help you here. And if you’d like to talk through your digital needs, please do always get in touch.


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Digital strategy

We’ve worked with hundreds of charity and public sector organisations over the years and have developed these resources to help you.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our resources will help your charity take its first steps with AI, review progress and plan for the future.

Digital leadership

We’ve developed these resources to help you to develop your digital leadership skills, whatever stage you are at.

Digital governance

These resources will help senior leadership teams to manage both the risks and opportunities that the digital world presents.

Charity digital skills

These guides will help you both with developing digital skills within your organisation and creating a culture in which these can flourish.

Digital fundraising

These strategic and practical resources support the development of successful approaches to digital fundraising, especially within today’s challenging climate.