Project Delivery

Why it matters

Digital skills and knowledge are vital for helping your organisation unlock potential.

We can help you and your team get skilled up and on the same page for digital success.

Project delivery

How we can help

From training on digital tactics to advising on stakeholder issues, to PR on digital products and services, we can help you with delivery, ensuring you get great results.

What we offer

  • Workshops and training on all aspects of digital
  • Understanding and managing key internal stakeholders 
  • PR on digital products and services
  • Assessing digital skills
  • Developing roles and responsibilities, including supporting with recruitment

“We worked together to deliver the projects on time and within budget, thanks to Zoe’s proactive approach. More than anything I really appreciated the strong communication from Zoe. I knew where we were at every step of the process, meaning that the only surprises were positive ones.”

– Dave Evans, Product Marketing Manager, Skills Platform

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