Picture of Kei-Retta Farrell, Katie Staddon and Conor McGrath

Pictured, left to right: Kei-Retta, Katie and Conor 

Has the pandemic got you thinking about shaking up your board? Having a wide range of talent and perspectives amongst your trustees will help your charity make progress on the road to recovery. The average trustee is white, male and over 60, and our sector must recruit more diverse trustees who can bring different perspectives to the table.

As part of our mission to help make this happen we’ve been running blogs featuring budding trustees. Today I’d like you to meet Kei-Retta, Katie and Conor, three young professionals with plenty of skills and passion to offer  your board.

Please contact Kei-Retta, Katie and Conor below directly via their social media accounts or the contact details they have shared if you would like to speak to them about a trustee role. To clarify, we’re not a recruiter and this is a pro bono initiative to help charities find more talent for their boards. 

Here’s a bit more about Kei-Retta, Katie and Conor.

Your name: Kei-Retta Farrell

What do you do?

I am the Head of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging at CLIC Sargent. In this role, I co-create innovative and transformation strategies and programmes that acknowledge, value and celebrate difference, while challenging systemic biases that devalue and marginalise difference. I am supporting CLIC Sargent to become more representative of the communities we serve and to build an equitable and inclusive culture in employment and service delivery.

Additionally, I serve on the Girl Dreamer Advisory Board where alongside some amazing women of colour. I help to steer the organisation in a socially progressive and authentic way, shaping partnerships, programmes and community engagement. I also sit on the King Edwards VI Sheldon Heath School Board of Governors and serve on the King Edward VI Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee for the Academy Trust.

I am a recent graduate of the Get on the Board Programme and have a certificate in Corporate Governance accredited by The Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP).

Why I want to be a trustee

I want to be trustee because I have a passion for social justice and want to contribute to the development of a more equitable world. Being a trustee would provide an opportunity to influence and catalyse systemic change in an area I am passionate about.

 How to contact me: 

Email: kei-retta.farrell@clicsargent.org.uk 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kei-rettafarrell/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KeiRettaFarrell

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keirettafarrell/

Digital Skills

I have good knowledge of social media and content development.

I am confident in facilitating meetings and workshops on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Whereby.

I am proficient in all Microsoft packages.

Your name: Katie Staddon

What do you do? 

I am the Project Manager of #TeamHerts Volunteering which is the one stop hub for volunteering opportunities in Hertfordshire. We not only inspire people from all walks of life to get involved in volunteering but we also advise VCSE organisations on volunteer recruitment, management and retention. It is fantastic to be involved in the voluntary sector at a time when community cohesion has been invaluable to the COVID-19 response.

Why I want to be a trustee 

Being a trustee provides an opportunity to be a changemaker. It means you have a say in the future of an organisation with a social purpose which you are passionate about. I believe it is imperative that we diversify the boards of charities across the UK so that they are reflective of the communities that they operate within. I would love to share my knowledge, skills and ideas to benefit an organisation which I feel aligned with. 

How to contact me: 

Email: katiestaddon@thvolunteering.org.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katie-staddon-she-her-4b2a6864

Digital skills: 

  • Good knowledge of social media marketing/scheduling and able to create graphics on Canva
  • Proficient in facilitating meetings/workshops on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Confident using  all Microsoft packages.

Your name: Conor McGrath

What do you do?

I am the manager of a community business. My dad has been at the Poacher Pub in Stevenage  for over 27 years and I have served the community for half that time. Hospitality is a great way to connect with people & understand the community, which is one of the reasons why i’d love to help within the CVS. 

Why I want to be a  trustee 

I would love to become a trustee because I really want to make a difference within our community and help local charities. At our family business, we support the Garden House regularly raising thousands of pounds towards end of life care, we also support local food banks as well as mental health charities. I am very keen on meeting a wider range of people so I can really reach out & get to know more than just the customer base that come into me on a regular basis. Finally I want to be a trustee because I feel passionate about volunteering for our community and helping others. Knowing that I could make a difference would be an amazing feeling. 

How to contact me: 

Twitter: imconormcgrath

Instagram: imconormcgrath

email: mcgrath_conor@aol.com

Digital skills

My digital skills include social media business pages, building websites & photo editing