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Why it matters

Digital skills and knowledge are vital for helping your organisation unlock potential.

We can help you and your team get skilled up and on the same page for digital success.

workshops & coaching

How we can help

We’ve trained hundreds of organisations in a wide range of skills, from planning for social media crisis comms to leadership teams’ use of digital.

We’re experienced in facilitating sessions with key internal stakeholders, helping them reach agreement about strategy and tactics in a sensitive manner.

We can offer all training online.

What we offer

We offer workshops and training in all aspects of digital, including:

  • Digital strategy
  • Digital skills for boards
  • Digital fundraising
  • Digital leadership
  • Coaching leaders through managing change and improving digital performance
  • Social media
    … and more!

“Zoe delivered two days training for our Board and senior managers. The training was well prepared and very participative. We now have a much clearer appreciation of how we can weave digital into our new Strategic Plan and the Board is now much clearer about both opportunities and risks associated with embracing the role of technology in governance and service delivery.”

– Paul Marriott, Chief Executive, St Cuthbert’s Hospice

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