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Why it matters

As charities and other nonprofits grow their use of digital, social media is emerging as a vital tool for building communities, acquiring and engaging supporters, campaigning and growing influence in an increasingly competitive online landscape.

But how do you know if you’re doing it right?

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How we can help

Whilst social media is one aspect of digital, they are one of the key ways in which you can engage with stakeholders.

We’ve created strategies for everyone from household names to small charities, growing communities and boosting engagement.

We can help define what success looks like and develop a strategy for how to get there. Key to this is reviewing your analytics, helping you understand the data you have better and establishing metrics for success.

Our strategies will help you achieve your organisation’s goals as well as understand your supporters better, growing your communities and helping them engage more effectively with your content, increasing fundraising and brand awareness.

Our social media services

  • Digital fundraising
  • Channel audits
  • Reviewing analytics
  • Setting metrics for success
  • Content strategy
  • Developing social media policies
  • Developing team roles and responsibilities
  • Advising about managing risk 

“Zoe Amar did a fantastic job reviewing our social media channels and suggesting ways to develop/improve our social presence. She ran effective workshops that engaged staff, her analysis and benchmarking work was thorough and insightful, and her recommendations were thoughtful and sensible.”

– James Higgott, Head of Digital, The King’s Fund

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